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The Australian Rugby Choir Inc. is a Choir of male voices, which aims to promote singing in the community both through participation at rugby matches and other community and charitable events. We are based in Canberra.

The Choir is a non-profit organisation with the love of rugby and singing for enjoyment binding its Members.

Latest News

Plan for resuming in-person practices

The choir's Management Committee has decided that, subject to formal approvals by Curtin Primary School and the ACT Education Directorate, in-person practices will resume, for those members able to take part, at Patterson Hall from Thursday 29 October. more

Cancelling late-2020 events from calendar

In mid-June 2020 the choir's Management Committee decided to cancel the 2020 Retreat, Aged Care Concert and Annual Concert in their current forms. They are continuing to consider what forms of rehearsing and performing might be possible while observing the continuing requirements of social distancing and minimising the risks of catching or spreading the coronavirus.

Postponement of MCAA Festival

The Committee of the Male Choirs Association of Australia (MCAA) has deferred the MCAA Festival for one year, and has confirmed that it will be held on Sunday 31 October 2021 at the Sydney Town Hall.

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Our Special People

Keith Brent

Keith is one of the longest serving members of the Rugby Choir, having joined shortly after its formation in 1996. He is a proud member of the Bass section—the heart and soul... more

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